Many printers are talking about Benzo Free Coatings, especially in the packaging arena following what is happening in Europe. This is a pretty fluid area at the moment and depends more on the individual company to what change they would like to make away from obviously the most commoditised and widely used photoinitiator worldwide.

As you may be aware, there was a big concern in Europe last year about the migration of Methol Benzophenone (MBP) in packaging inks and coatings which raised a spectre of Benzophenone (BP) migration of course. Since then DSC has taken a strategy to removed BP from all of its UV inks and coatings wherever possible.

We have already removed all BP & ITX from our Quasar Ultra UV Ink range. Further to this in 2010 we changed our UV inks to a range using ONLY Nestle approved raw materials and have formulated new UV coatings for indirect food contact. We also have a specific set of UV Inks dedicated to direct food contact with migration less than 10 parts per billion. We have also a Low migration UV Coating to complement this ink set.

Something to be aware of when choosing a supplier for BP free coatings

Can be used for indirect food packaging
Less odour on the finished printed article
Less likely yellow on cure
Exhibits faster cure than BP

Please contact our technical service department for further details and important information to help you through the change process.