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DS Chemport has a wide range of products for use in Heatset applications, ranging from OEM approved alcohol-free fountain solutions and low VOC washes through to high slip silicones, blankets and maintenance products. 

Blanket and Roller Washes
Ecowash: a water miscible, non-flammable blanket and roller wash with excellent cleaning power, suitable for manual and automatic wash up applications. One of the least flammable solvent based washes on the market, with a flashpoint of above 75ºC. Contains effective corrosion inhibitors.
Rotowash Bio 120: is an approved wash with a flashpoint > 100ºC, based on a combination of hydrocarbon and vegetable solvents. It has been developed for automatic washing in heatset and newspaper web printing applications. Rotowash Bio 120 is formulated with the utmost consideration for the safety of operators, press manufacturer approval criteria and cleaning performance.
Rotowash Bio: is a long established, approved wash with a flashpoint > 100ºC, based on a combination of hydrocarbon solvents and vegetable oil derivatives. It has been developed for automatic washing units on heatset web printing presses. Rotowash Bio is formulated with the utmost consideration for the safety of operators, press manufacturer approval criteria and cleaning performance.
Eurowash T and T100: are high flash point, solvent/water microemulsions specifically designed for application on Techniweb Technoclean blanket washing systems. They are formulated with utmost consideration to the safety of press operators, cleaning performance and washing equipment approval criteria.
Rotowash 100-5104: has been designed for web printing. It is an approved, corrosion inhibited wash based on a combination of hydrocarbon solvent and emulsifiers. Even though it has been specifically designed for automatic washing equipment, it can also be used for manual cleaning.
Euro Deglazer: is a specialty wash, designed to clean and deglaze in one easy step. Its water miscibility makes the product economical to use, as water can be added to reduce consumption.
Euro Decalcer: a waterbased product, designed to remove calcium and other mineral deposits and build up from printing rollers and blankets. Calcium is often a cause of roller glazing, and roller stripping. Euro Decalcer will effectively, safely and rapidly remove all such roller and blanket contaminants. It should only be used as a roller and blanket maintenance product.

Fountain Solutions
Acedin Heat Range: These modern, European heatset fount products are suited to all types of continuous dampening systems and have all been specifically designed to meet stringent press manufacturer corrosion and swell criteria. They are high performance products combining attributes of fast-startups, minimal ink feedback, blanket pile reduction and long runs between washups.
Fount 2876: is an innovative fountain solution designed for alcohol-free printing on high speed, web offset presses. It overcomes cording and has been devised to overcome stripping problems on integrated dampening systems.
Fount 3130: is a similar product to Fount 2876, maintaining all the key attributes of that product while also providing exceptional run lengths on unbaked positive plates.
Integra: a low phosphate product designed for continuous alcohol dampened presses using catalytic afterburners. Gives exceptionally fast start ups with low water settings and offers exceptional performance in high calcium conditions such as hard water or highly coated papers. Will run alcohol free or with a significant reduction of IPA depending on the water quality and on the condition of the press.

Pressroom Consumables
Aqua Dampkleen: a water based, biodegradable formula, suitable for cleaning all types of dampener sleeves. Will remove emulsified ink, paper build up and all other contaminants. Aqua Dampkleen is very concentrated and at a 1:10 dilution can also be used as a general purpose,all-round cleaner and floor wash.
DLI Wash TS: an excellent product for cleaning the dampening rollers of the press. DLI Wash TS will remove ink build up and all other contaminants from the rollers, making them highly water receptive. DLI Wash TS is non-flammable, biodegradable and free from hydrocarbon solvents.
Rollermatt NF: a non-flammable, solvent based alternative to DLI Wash TS designed for cleaning and degreasing of the dampening rollers of the press, enhancing their water receptivity and water transfer properties.
Unigum: a universal, high solids gum, suitable for pre press or on press application. Unigum is a synthetic gum, which can be diluted 3:1 and used as a direct substitute for Gum Arabic Solution without risk of plate blinding. It can be used in a plate processor or for long or short term plate gumming on the press or for plate storage. Very economical, due to its high concentration.
Aqua Gum Washout: will not damage unbaked positive plates. Aqua Gum Washout is suitable for plate washout and gumming applications, for short and long term storage. The product has a pleasant smell, is free from aromatic hydrocarbons, is very stable and non-flammable.
Universal Plate Cleaner: excellent cleaning properties, suitable for both positive (baked) and negative plates. Will not damage the anodising layer of the plate. The product has a pleasant Eucalyptus scent, is free from aromatic hydrocarbons, will not separate on storage, and is not flammable.
Steriliser: is a water based product containing ingredients specifically selected to reduce or eliminate microbes that may reside in the recirculation system of Fountain Solutions.
Turbo Flush: a product designed to clean out and completely sterilise the fountain solution recirculation system. Turboflush will kill and remove all deposits and build up of bacteria, algae, ink and paper grime from all parts of the fountain solution recirculating system.

Press Silicones
Webslip and Rollosil: this range of press silicones offers standard, medium and high concentration products to meet the most demanding conditions on the most cost effective basis. Webslip and Rollosil silicones incorporate powerful antistatic agents, paper conditioners and levelling additives to give maximum marking resistance, smooth lay and enhanced gloss on all stocks and over all inks. The permanent anti-static properties ensure static protection from the press to the bindery.
Webslip HS: Long established product with standard 25-35% solids and exceptionally high antistatic properties
Webslip HP: Superior product with the highest 45%+ solids and moderate antistatic levels
Webslip HPX: Medium 30-40% solids, high wetting product
Rollosil X6 CXT: Latest European technology, containing CT wetting technology and CXT polymers for outstanding rub resistance. Especially used on the Eco-cool silicone applicator system.
Websoft: non-silicone additive to enhance antistatic properties of silicone
Rollostat: antistatic additive for silicone emulsions with viscosity modifiers to enable easy mixing

VULCAN Alto Plus: Premium heatset blanket
Available in 1.71 min +10.02 gauge and 1.96 min +/-0.02 gauge
VULCAN Mytho: Premium heatset blanket incorporating FEEDO® technology
Available in 1.71 min +/-0.02 gauge
VULCAN Techno: Premium heatset blanket incorporating DYNATECH® technology
Available in 1.71 mm +/-0.02 gauge
ROLLIN Avenir: Premium heatset blanket.
Available in 1.71 mm +/-0.02 gauge and 1.96 mm +/-0.02 gauge
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Post Press Products 
Stitching Wire
Shrink Wrap

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