UV Inks and Coatings

UV Coatings and Varnishes - EUROCOAT


DSC’s Eurocoat UV coatings are formulated to provide the highest quality work. The Eurocoat range have a broad range of functions, offering various physical and visual characteristics for different applications.

The Eurocoat range is formulated with access to the latest European product development. However, they are developed with consideration to the requirements of the Australian market and manufactured locally.

The Eurocoat range can provide:

  • Tough, flexible films that provide high scuff resistance 
  • Excellent lay
  • A range of finishes from matt to neutral satin to highly reflective gloss
  • Low odour
  • Benzophenone free versions where possible
  • Minimal bleaching of alkali sensitive inks

The Eurocoat range includes products for the following applications:

  • Inline and offline
  • Single sided and double sided work and turn with minimum back up time
  • Glueable, foil blockable and rejection effect
  • Flexographic, Rollercoat and Gravure coating  

Waterbased coatings - HYRDOCOAT


The Hydrocoat product range consists of high performance water based coatings for paper, board, film and foil applications.

DSC’s technical team has extensive coating formulating experience and application knowledge. Whatever the finish, from glossy magazine covers to that perfect matt effect, DSC’s established and customised water based coatings can fulfil your requirements.   

The Hydrocoat range can provide:

  • A fully transparent, colourless and odourless film
  • A range of finishes categorised from high gloss to matt
  • Superior wetting and smooth lay

The Hydrocoat range includes products for the following applications:

  • Inline (wet on wet) or offline (wet on dry) 
  • Single sided or double sided work and turn
  • Glueable, foil blockable and UV varnishable
  • Packaging, commercial, magazine and indirect food contact

Many coatings are developed according to the Nestle criteria and EuPIA (European Printing Ink Association) exclusion list 8th edition.

Primers, Specialty Coatings and Varnishes


DSC supplies a series of conventional overprint varnishes that produce special effect finishes. These include Duocoat Drip Off Hybrid Varnish, Fine and ‘Orange Peel’ versions. They have been specifically formulated to reject the application of a subsequent gloss coating to give a matt spot result.

DSC’s hybrid matt reticulation varnishes work synergistically with the Crystal Effect hybrid ink range. The varnish and coating can be applied over dry conventional ink or inline over UV ink.

DS Chemport’s overprint varnishes include:

  • Conventional Matt OPV
  • Conventional Satin OPV
  • Conventional High Gloss OPV

As part of the extended range, DS Chemport carries a Soft Feel Matt Emulsion and has the ability to post blend Pearlescent pigment into an appropriate coating base as required. 

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