About Us



DS Chemport (Australia) Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of Fuji Hunt Asian Pacific Holding Pty Ltd, is a manufacturing company providing goods and services to the printing and graphic arts industry. Our ultimate parent company is FujiFilm Holdings Corporation, Japan, and we maintain strategic partnerships with many significant companies around the world.

Chemport (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in 1987, changing its name to DS Chemport (Australia) Pty Ltd (DSC) when we moved to our current location in Campbellfield in 1994. Shortly after beginning operations, Chemport became associated with the German company, DS Druckerei Service GmbH, forming a mutually beneficial technical exchange and going on to form a joint venture in Malaysia in 1989. Following many years of success the company was sold to Fujifilm in 2003. The company focus was and remains the manufacture and supply of premium quality goods and services to the printing and graphic arts industry.


DSC aims to be a growing, profitable manufacturer and marketer of quality printing chemicals and graphics arts products in the Asia-Pacific region which has Customer Satisfaction as the basis of its success.


We pride ourselves on our rapid response to customer requirements and our reputation for quality and consistency of product and prompt delivery.

We work closely with our strategic partners to share knowledge, know-how and formulae to ensure that we provide innovative solutions to problems and best practice processes.

We are ethical, progressive and proactively spend money to improve our plant, people and procedures to ensure that we continue to deliver a first class product and service.

Our staff are paramount to our success and we care about them and their future success. They are very competent and are actively encouraged to reach their full potential through training and development. We foster a team spirit and provide a genuine caring atmosphere in our offices and factories.

To ensure that we continue to meet our core business objectives we are designing a business management system that complies with the internationally recognised Standard ISO 9001:2000.


Our core objectives are to:

  • Consistently provide high quality products and service
  • Be innovative market leaders in our field
  • Foster mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with other like minded companies
  • Obtain feedback from our customers to ensure we meet their needs and exceed their expectations
  • Manage our people with respect, care and genuine concern to ensure we secure and retain the best people for the job
  • Continually improve our product, processes and services through the collection and analysis of objective data


DSC recognises the importance of providing employees, visitors and contractors with a safe and healthy work environment. Health and Safety at work is both an individual and shared responsibility of ALL personnel. DSC is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment and management will make every reasonable effort to implement this policy.