Product Overview


Heatset press schematic

DS Chemport has a wide range of products for use in Heatset applications, ranging from OEM approved alcohol-free fountain solutions and low VOC washes through to high slip silicones, blankets and maintenance products. 

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Coldset press schematic

Daily deadlines, waste control and press efficiency. Only a portion of the demands of Newspaper printing and all achievable using the broad range of DS Chemport OEM fount and wash products.  

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Sheetfed Press schematic

From short-run, fast turnaround to high quality, long-run work, the demands of Sheetfeed printing are diverse. Almost as diverse as the broad array of DS Chemport products designed to give peak press performance and economy.  

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Inks and Coatings

Coating Effects

With DSC’s expertise in UV and water based coatings, you have an array of choices in exercising your skills and adding value to your printed masterpiece. 

Whether you are looking for process inks or spot colours - DSC can provide any type of UV ink for any type of substrate. Our expertise and in-house mixing facility will leave no question unanswered and our technical specialists with vast experience will be more than happy to answer any question thrown at them.

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Print Finishing

Print finishing

Right up to the finishing stage, DSC offers the best available products, enabling the printer to deliver the best product to their customer. These finising products include adhesives, strapping, stitching wire and shrink wrap. 

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Offset Blankets


DS Chemport is the exclusive agent in Australia for Trelleborg blankets. Our range includes conventional and adhesive blankets, imported in rolls and converted locally. For the packaging sector, we have available hybrid blankets designed for use with conventional and UV inks without the need to change blankets when changing inks.

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Specialty Products


Since it’s founding in 1987, DSC has had involvement in formulating and manufacturing products for non-graphic application - referred to as Specialty Products.

Products are grouped into 4 categories:-

Household, Automotive, Industrial and Institutional

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Contract Manufacturing


Use our technical know how and laboratory facilities to make your products a reality, then bring your products to market using our capacity and manufacturing expertise.

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